Study of Progressive Businesses

This report, published by the Climate Governance Commission and the Global Challenges Foundation, focuses on the business community, which has a vital role to play in the transition to a fossil free society.

The corporate sector contributes over 3/4s of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Reducing these emissions sufficiently to keep global temperature rise under 1.5 degrees requires cooperation of corporations, especially the 100 corporations that contribute over 71% of GHG.

The report is based on a series of interviews with climate progressive business leaders – i.e. leaders of businesses that are committed to be in the forefront of the transition to a zero-emissions economy. The report identifies barriers and bottlenecks that - from a business perspective - prevent existing solutions from being implemented at the pace and scale that mirrors the magnitude of the climate challenge.

The report recommends policies which would help businesses overcome these barriers, across four policy areas:

  • Mechanisms for public financing and risk mitigation
  • Pricing and competitiveness measures
  • Regulations
  • Targets and Roadmaps.
Linda Burenius
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