Responsibility Chains: Building Global Governance for Forest Risk Commodity Chains

Published by Plataforma CIPÓ, the Climate Governance Commission and the Global Governance Innovation Network.

This report, highlights that the world’s forest areas are being hit especially hard by environmental destruction and degradation — especially as illegal deforestation dovetails with contamination of the soil, water, and air (for instance, through illegal gold extraction and forest fires caused by human action) producing a broad gamut of negative social, economic, and environmental impacts.

The report proposes the creation of a Responsibility Chains Process, which would link commodity producers to consumers, from the source of finance and primary production to extraction and manufacturing, exporting and importing, all the way to final consumption.

The Responsibility Chains Process would create improved coordination among the wide variety of actors already engaged in efforts to clean up forest risk commodity chains under a common vision, bringing together key producer and consumer states, private sector, finance firms and civil society around specific goals, such as stopping illegal deforestation by 2030, and an independent monitoring mechanism.

Adriana Erthal Abdenur, Maiara Folly and Maja Groff
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