Case for a Global Green Hydrogen Alliance

This report, published by the Climate Governance Commission and the Global Challenges Foundation, considers the potential of hydrogen as a clean replacement of fossil fuels in a number of heavy industries, such as steel, ammonia and petrochemicals, as well as in transport.

Many countries have announced national and regional programmes but green hydrogen technology is still far from commercialisation at scale. In addition, hydrogen fuel initiatives seldom involve developing countries, are not oriented towards joint technology development, and do not focus on deploying technologies in countries that will have the greatest demand for cleaner fuels for industrial development.

The report notes that the biggest obstacle to progress is the absence of leadership. If green hydrogen has the potential to be a foundational fuel for industrial and transport decarbonisation, its development and deployment must be treated as a global public good.

The report proposes the establishment of a Global Green Hydrogen Alliance as a multi-country, multi-institutional network to assess, develop and design affordable green hydrogen technologies that can be deployed at scale, in both advanced economies as well as in developing countries.

Dr Arunabha Ghosh and Sanjana Chhabra
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