Strengthening global governance to protect the environment

MEGA is a coalition of civil society organizations working in cooperation with like-minded governments and other stakeholders to strengthen environmental governance.

We provide a platform to connect environmental organizations, governance proposals and campaigns
The science is clear. It is telling us that we are already living within an extinction crisis and a climate crisis. Life on Earth as we know it, and even our own survival as a species, is at risk. What we need is a reflection on and reconsideration of our global governance architecture, to ensure it is fit for purpose and adequate to the tasks ahead.
María Fernanda Espinosa
Co-Chair, Climate Governance Commission. Member, World Future Council. President of the UN General Assembly 2018-2019. Former Foreign and Defense Minister for Ecuador and Ambassador to the UN.
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to provide governance for the Global Commons – the oceans, atmosphere, outer space and seabed.

and other international tribunals to better address environmental conflicts.

to become a Global Environment Agency with increased powers and global engagement.

under international human rights law and through theHuman Rights Council.

a tailored court to uphold the obligations of State and non-State actors under environmental law.

that would strengthen the enforcement of criminal laws against corrupt political and business leaders.

to support transition to green economies, including through public revenue-generation, debt relief and enhanced ESG investing.

to provide on-going monitoring and recommendations on the status of Earth system vital functions.

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Mobilizing Earth Governance Alliance (MEGA) is launched in Geneva on March 26, 2024 as a resounding answer to the challenges faced by Earth’s integrated ecosystems.
"The world faces a deepening planetary emergency—and is on a reckless path toward runaway, catastrophic climate change—having already over-shot six of nine scientifically-identified Planetary Boundaries. Collectively, we must chart a safe and sustainable path for a workable future for all of humanity.”