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Five years after the IPCC Special Report on CCS: state of play

The Journal for Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change will be publishing a Special Issue on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in 2011. The Special Issue is entitled “Five years after the IPCC Special Report on CCS: state of play”. The editors are looking for a broad range of review articles that examine and analyse the developments in a variety of CCS-related areas and/or build on the review done by the IPCC in 2005. The articles will be subjected to normal peer review.

The timeline for submitting articles is as follows:

October 30th 2010:First submission. It is possible to send an abstract to the editors in advance for an early quick scan

November 2010: Editors send the selected papers to reviewers

March 2011: Final submission by authors

June/July 2011: Publication

The aim is to have a critical review of several topics in CCS, for instance (but not limited to):

  • Overview of technical progress in the field of capture technologies in power systems and/or in specific industrial processes
  • Review of storage integrity studies: Is the “fraction retained” outcome in the IPCC Special Report still suitable?
  • Economics of CCS, including retrofits versus new power plants with CCS
  • Review of assumptions in scenario studies: what explains high CCS, high nuclear or renewable
  • Biomass and CCS: what can we expect in terms of short- and long-term feasibility?
  • CCS-readiness: what does it mean in practice?
  • Insights from research on public perception, community engagement and communication issues around CCS
  • Knowledge sharing, capacity building and technology transfer: How realistic is CCS in emerging economies and developing countries?
  • Government policy and industry business models for CCS

The deadline for the first submission of articles is October 30th, 2010. Articles should be between 5,000 -8,000 words. For author instructions, related to electronic submission of manuscripts, can be found at Inquiries or early abstracts can be sent to John Kessels at john.kessels [at], Heleen de Coninck at deconinck [at], or Haroon Kheshgi at Haroon.S.Kheshgi [at]


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